Food Items

List of Food Items Needed – Ukraine Bound

This list is for food that is actually going into Ukraine for besieged civilians, so it is tailored specifically to that – food that is easy to make on the go, or with limited or no cooking facilities.  

This list is not exhaustive, but it is these sorts of items we require.

Milk items

Evaporated milk
Carnation condensed milk (then you can just add to tea/coffee without needing sugar)
Powdered milk
Long life milk

Sugar items

Sugar (best in a sturdy package, but also in the usual if nothing else available)
Silver spoon sugar cubes

Hot drink items

Instant coffee
Cocoa drink
Hot chocolate powder

Energy items

Bags of nuts
Bags of dried fruit
Energy bars
Boxes cereal
Boxes of little packets of sweets eg haribo star mix, for a quick energy boost
Peanut butter
Barocca calcium fizzy drink tablets 

Tinned food

Tinned fish
Tinned baked beans
Tinned beans various
Tinned pasta, potatoes
Tinned soup
Tinned vegetables

Carb items

Packets of rice that you just pour boiling water into eg Newgate Express chicken flavoured rice etc
Packets of pasta that you just pour boiling water into eg Bachelors Pasta n Sauce
Big sturdy sacks of rice and flour
Flour in the sturdy plastic style containers
Instant noodles
Any other powdered food options that you can just add boiling water into
Packets pasta

Other Powdered items

Cuppa Soup
Baby milk powder 


Salt and pepper etc

Children’s food – various including baby food

Camping cooking equipment

KFS (knife, fork, spoon) sets
Swiss army knife/swiss army cutlery sets
Small burners
All in one eating pots with lids
Tin/can opener
Thermos flasks and cups 

Water purification tablets