Our Strategy

Our Purpose

KentRelief’s purpose is twofold. We provide assistance to displaced people who arrive in the UK as a result of conflict or other humanitarian disaster in their own country. We also provide humanitarian aid directly to people caught up in conflict or other humanitarian disasters in their own country. Our current focus is on Ukraine and our work includes:

To provide relief for refugees and their dependents who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress

To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of refugees and their dependents, and the rights of those individuals

To advance the education and training of refugees and their dependents so as to advance them in life and assist them with their integration within a new community.

Our Strategic Objectives

We have developed and agreed a set of strategic objectives to further clarify and outline our day to day operations.

War and humanitarian disasters – we will provide humanitarian aid to those in need to ensure they are provided for in times of need

How we will do this: collection of humanitarian aid in the UK for transport to those in need in Ukraine; working with a number of local and in-country partners.

Displacement and migration – we will help those arriving in the UK to make sure they are provided for

How we will do this: Ukrainians in need contact us via the Kent County Council ‘Help for Ukraine Website’.  They visit our hub where we provide clothing, hygiene, food and other basic assistance on arrival.  Those that are moving into their own homes let us know of furniture and household items that are needed. Through our outreach donors come and donate items for Ukrainians.  We help Ukrainians move into their own homes including moving their personal items, and any furnishing and other items we have collected for them

Provision of community support – we will work with the Kent Council and community to provide support for Ukrainians and others in need

How we will do this: We will stage various events for and on behalf of Ukrainians.  We will provide those in need with opportunities to work in our pop shop. We have a dedicated WhatsApp group for Ukrainians to connect with each other (currently 400+) and to provide much needed support to each other.  We help to connect them with various services in the community.  We help put them in touch with potential sponsors in the community. We have helped them access free mental health courses.

Community outreach – we will ‘give back’ to the community we work in

How we will do this: our hub will be available to those in need in the community; we will invite the community to our events; we will encourage the community to volunteer with us; we have Duke of Edinburgh programme volunteers working with us; we have agreed to have dedicated days for Kent Youth Justice to work with us; we have volunteer days for professional companies as part of their in-house volunteer programmes including AXA, Tonbridge Boys School and Cripps solicitors.