Our Hub

Based in Tunbridge Wells, our Hub was kindly donated for our use by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, and we have been operating out of there since May 2022.

It’s a huge space, ensuring we can amply accommodate all the wonderful donations people bring to us.  The hub accommodates our office, as well as separate sections for Ukrainian guests to come and select what they need – including a clothes section, childrens section and furniture section.  We also have a dedicated humanitarian aid section in the main part of the hub and a loading section from which we load consignments out to Ukraine.

It sits right on the outskirts of Sherwood Park and has a lovely garden where we have hosted a number of events for our Ukrainian guests, and where they can come and sit and catch up with each other over a cup of tea during the summer months.

In addition we also have a kids room, kitted out with a television and dvds, comfy sofas and loads of toys and is a big hit with the many Ukrainian kids who come in with their mums. (It’s mostly mums as most of the childrens fathers are fighting in Ukraine).

Every Wednesday we have a spread of breads cakes and pastries available to visitors and volunteers kindly donated by Gails Bakery in Tunbridge Wells.