Key Achievements to Date

Humanitarian Aid

To date we have delivered a total of 94 tonnes of aid to Ukraine in 13 lorry loads from March 2022 to February 2024.

Our aid has reached 23 beneficiaries in Ukraine including hospitals, orphanages, children’s homes, schools, families and animal centres. 

Our June 2022 consignment went directly to Mariupol and included medical aid and a vast amount of medical assistance aids such as wheelchairs, walkers and crutches – these were used in the final evacuation of citizens out of Mariupol.

Our July 2023 consignment of aid went to animal charities in Konotop, Sumy Region, Boryspil in Kyiv Region and Odesa; we sent goods to civilians in Russian occupied Vasilyvka via a charity in Zaporizhzhya, and aid also went to schools and orphanages in Brovary and Lviv.

We received a wonderful gift of thanks (pictured) for the goods we sent to Zaporizhzhya from one of the Ukrainian ladies lucky enough to escape her occupied town and who helped facilitate the delivery of the aid to the region. 

Our latest shipment of aid will reach charities and beneficiaries in Brovary, Konotop, Boryspil, Kremenchuk, and a community of 70 families in Cherkasy who evacuated from Bakhmut during the height of that city’s invasion. We have provided them with much needed household goods, and equipment for assisting their subsistence farming as well as chicken feed as their only source of food is from the vegetables they grow and the chickens they keep. Our partner Petro & Mazepa in Kyiv will deliver animal food and veterinary medicines to service dogs on the frontline.

We recently received a certificate of thanks for our humanitarian work from the Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Kitschko, as well as a certificate of thanks from the Commander of the Support Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Assistance to Ukraine guests in the UK

To date we have helped over 700 Ukraine families, initially on arrival with items such as clothing, food and basic hygiene needs.

As their needs have changed and they have slowly settled into their new homes in the UK we have provided help with moving, and provided household items and furniture for our guests. To date we have helped 42 Ukrainian families move to their new homes in Kent.

We have also provided 200 bicycles to our Ukraine guests – a popular form of transport in Ukraine!