Partners we work with

UK Partners

Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine (UK Charity number 1199587)

Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine started in March 2022 as a result of the Ukraine war.  They achieved charity status in July 2022 and we have worked with them since then. Offering our hub as a drop off point for them and other partners, we then send consolidated aid deliveries out to Ukraine to our hub in Lviv. The goods are then sent on to dedicated charities that Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine supports. They help us with the costs of the aid deliveries, for which we are very grateful. We send on photos of the goods arriving in Ukraine which they then post on their galleries page. Donors can then see exactly where their goods are going. They also provide us with adhoc IT support, Pierre being a fantastic IT whizz in his day job, and more recently help with setting up our new website.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

We have had immense support from the council from the outset, including being provided with the TN2 Centre hub from which we operate.  They have also provided us with other support including adhoc van hire when needed.  In return we work closely with their Homes for Ukraine staff, providing support including assisting Ukrainian guests with provision of furniture donations as they move into their new homes, as well as assistance in the actual moves.

Pets in Need Ukraine (PINU)

Tracy’s charitable organisation collects pet food and pet equipment for the millions of animals who have also been devastated and made homeless by the war in Ukraine.  She brings the goods to our hub and these essential items also go out in our trucks to Ukraine.  Tracy has also been pivotal in helping us source specific aid through her network of contacts, and has assisted us with fundraising events, for which we are very grateful.

Adina Cosmetic Ingredients

Adina Cosmetic Ingredients based in Tunbridge Wells has provided invaluable support in the form of ongoing use of their van for when we need to facilitate moves for Ukrainian guests.  The owner Chris has also provided support in building our website and is always there to provide any advice we may need.

Gails Bakery

Gails Bakery in Tunbridge Wells provides us with bakery donations once a week, for which we are so grateful.  It means our volunteers and Ukrainian guests always have lovely pastries to eat and bread to take home – a huge thank you to Gails Bakery!

Malgorzata (Gosia) Jones

Our wonderful London contact and her husband have provided both donations and key support in terms of sourcing our trucks to Ukraine as well as providing key Polish interpretation for our international logistics. Gosia has been nominated Volunteer of the Year for Waltham Forest! She works with many food banks and other partners including local councillors, to collect donations. She also organises events for the Ukraine effort in her area. 

Ukraine Partners

Savka Andrii, Ukraine Lviv Region,

Andrii and his wife operate our Lviv hub, to which our trucks filled with humanitarian aid arrive. From there Andrii sends our goods, and those of our partners, out to beneficiaries. Andrii provides us with  documentary evidence of the goods arriving to our beneficiaries, so that our donors can see where the aid is going.

From Dreams to Reality charitable foundation, Brovary, Ukraine.

Founded by Anastasia Volodymyrivna, founding trustee, in 2017.

Prior to the invasion of 24 Feb 2022, supported:

Since the invasion of Feb 24 2022, additionally supporting:

Prior to the invasion, FD2R operated with volunteers, donations of goods, and 2 grants from the British Council. Since the invasion FD2R need money for poorer people to buy medicines & toiletries, plus for schools. FD2R operate from an office & a storage facility. Anastasia has received an award from the Ukraine government for being a top charity in Ukraine

Childrens Home – Podilski

One of the charities we support, we send educational materials, food, clothing, books and toys to the Childrens Home.  We also send out feminine care to some of the older children.  Many of these children have suffered abuse during the war, so we also send out comfort items to the children, including beautifully knitted teddies, all knitted by the wonderful readers of Women’s Weekly.

Dubno school, Byts I, Dubno City

We send educational material, picture books, stationery, exercise books, monitors and toys to the children at Dubno School. Our contact at the school - Iryna, the Headmistress - works tirelessly to ensure her children have the items they need.

The Path Home Charity, Odessa (Charity number 42106106)

We have been working with Olga at her Charity in Odessa since July 2022. Olga identifies what is needed and we then send the goods out to her for distribution. Olga sends us pictures of goods arriving to beneficiaries.  Items sent have included food, hygiene items, medical supplies and clothing.

Velika Oleksandrivk Hospital, Kherson, Contact: Dr Julia Viktorivna Zikrach

We have been working with Dr Julia Zikrach at the Velika Oleksandrivk Hospital in Kherson since September 2022, and have sent generators, medicine, hospital beds, mobility aids and fire extinguishers to the hospital.