Welcome to the KentRelief website. We are a humanitarian charity with a current focus on Ukraine. Please feel free to browse the site to get to know what we do and who we work with. If you would like to get involved or would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, we have been providing support to Ukrainian guests as they arrive in the UK, including initial provision of essential items, and now also assist guests moving into their new homes as they settle into life in the UK (working in close coordination with Tunbridge Wells BC Homes for Ukraine Scheme).

Since February 2022 we have also sent over 90 tons of humanitarian aid to areas of need in Ukraine including food, medical aid and other key items.

Did you catch our recent news feature on BBC South East Today? It was great to have them film our latest lorry loading day, showcasing the incredible support we've received from our community in sending vital aid to Ukraine.

It serves as a powerful reminder that the need for support in Ukraine continues. As the conflict drags on, it's understandable for the initial surge of compassion to fade. By keeping the situation at the forefront of people's minds, we can maximise the chances that a steady stream of assistance will reach those who need it most.

This media coverage allows us to share the dedication of our volunteers and the sheer volume of donations with a wider audience. Seeing the impact first hand can truly inspire others to get involved and join the cause. Together, we can make a real difference for the people of Ukraine.

Our latest humanitarian aid shipment departed on February 10th 2024, carrying 14 tons of aid. The route’s first stop is Lviv, where we deliver a large consignment of goods to our Ukrainian partner Andrii Savka, and then on to Brovary where the remainder is transferred to our partner Anastasia who runs the charity ‘From Dreams to Reality’. Andrii and Anastasia then distribute the aid to various beneficiaries on our behalf, including:

…and various other places where it is needed on the frontline. We established links with many of the above beneficiaries during our field trip to Ukraine in 2023

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help pack the lorry particularly our UK partners Pets in Need Ukraine and Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine, as well as Phil and Sarah from Operation Change. Thanks to Sue Pound, and family of Councillor Hugo Pound for helping with the catering, and to those from Pembury who answered a callout on the local Nextdoor app. 

Lastly, a big thank you to all the wonderful local Ukrainians who provided delicious traditional food on the day, translated the box labels for ease of distribution, and who are always so faithful in coming to help with truck loading. And of course a huge thank you to Sasha and Anna for agreeing to speak to the BBC.

Our previous humanitarian aid run to Ukraine took place in July 2023. Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who helped load the lorry on the day, as well as to the truck driver Stepan who transported our goods across Europe, and the wonderful Andrii who received and distributed them across Ukraine, including to Konotop, Kyiv, Brovary, Borispyl, Zaphorizhya and those affected by the Kakhovka Dam breach. 

The BBC filmed the loading of our humanitarian aid including following the story of Anna, a Ukrainian who came to us requesting help for her Russian occupied town in Zaphorizhya.  They then did a follow up story of our aid arriving in Zaphorizhya to the charity helping her town. You can watch the news items here and here.

If you would like to contribute to our next aid trip please see our donations page.

KentRelief works with a number of partners both in the Kent area and in Ukraine to achieve our objectives.  For more information about what we do please see Our Strategy.